Why Were You Born in Ghana?

Hello Abusuafo,

Here’s a question each and everyone should ask yourselves. ‘why were you born into a Ghanaian family’ but NOT elsewhere (Australia, Europe or North America)? Are these mentioned nations had their infrastructure, economy or lifestyle in placed from the word go? Did you know Ghana existed before all these above nations were built? Do you know that your motherland Ghana is HEAVEN, then why ain’t we enjoying the heavenly rather cruising the planet looking for better life or ‘MANNA’? Whatever you’re doing (work-wise, talent etc) can be done and contributed in your HOME Ghana to make her progress and the haven she deserves. It’s never too LATE you and I can get back to our senses and realized there’s better home that awaits for her prodigal children. Yes let’s all chipped in and help build our NATION Ghana especially the area of LAW that must be respected at all cost. No matter who (even when the whole world leaders comes to Ghana to govern) without the law been abide it’ll be fruitless. Law adherence it’s the only KEY to Ghana’s progress and peace. Are you ready to respect the law of the land and help others to do same? Well, that’s right choice to abide and police the Ghana law as no one can build Ghana for you and I except ourselves. Blessings of Wisdom and LOVE. Holy Moses

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  • Abdullaih Rahim
    Posted at 00:12h, 26 March Reply

    Good stuff well done Ghana First and keep up the marvelous work.

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