Why You Must Read Ghana’s Constitution

Our motherland Ghana CONSTITUTION is a must read as that will revealed all the holes that allows and encourages politicians to RAPE the nation and got scot-free. Without the Republic of Ghana Constitution be amended you and I will NOT and never enjoy the haven the country offers. From the presidency to a person on the street are ought to respect the LAW of the land but why is it been abused or not adhered? Yes, it is because of the constitution which gives them such immunity and or freedom to take advantage of we those who are ‘BLIND’ (to read to understand and know the TRUTH in this worst Constitution ever implemented on her own people.

When there’s a problem one must find the CAUSE and then the SOLUTION to minimized, prevent if not diminish or eradicate such problem. And often Ghanaian’s will talk, fume when the nation has been criminalised by people in governance but after few weeks nothing is done or heard of again, yes case dies. Why do Ghanaian’s allowed these type of evil behaviour in the nation and give these handful criminals (politicians) the powers to STARVE and MURDER the majority of the people? People’s POWER, who pays politicians salaries, the government is NOT chieftains (whereby it is only a certain clan or a tribe to govern) these are the truth. Sorry, but no one knows about this not even some of the so called scholars. Do your own survey and ask people including journalists, legal personnel’s, politicians etc. if they have read Ghana’s CONSTITUTION and you’ll be shocked their answers – ‘oh yes but NOT in details’ this is most answers you’ll hear during your survey. Very SAD indeed in a country whereby there’s high school (JSS) graduates at least but the nation is sinking fast from bad to worse and worst.

I leave you with a positive remarks that yes Ghana will bounce back and be better if the citizenry respect the LAW and READ the Constitution now please.

Ghana First, One Ghana.

  • Abigail Boateng
    Posted at 01:35h, 02 March Reply

    Yes well said Ghana First, but who’s going to read all these pages and how many people even knows about the Constitution for them to be bordered to read it?
    What I’d suggest is focus on AWARENESS through advocacy to get to the people, from the GRASS ROOTS to people at the top. The question is how are you going to do this without been FALL for bribery and corruption? That’s something you must consider because everything in Ghana is money without that you can’t get anywhere. I wish Ghana First the very best and Jah’s blessings.

  • Abdullaih Rahim
    Posted at 00:03h, 26 March Reply

    Thanks Ghana First to enlightened me and the people of Ghana’s Constitution. It’s a huge pages to read but I will definite do read.

  • Hilda Ankrah
    Posted at 02:30h, 10 April Reply

    I can’t believe it what a garbage constitution Ghana have implemented Who in the frame of mind drew such corrupt constitution? Thanks Ghana First to bring such bogus political theft device. to ripped off common Ghanaian s to light and well done keep up your amazing work, Ghanaian’s owed you much gratitude..

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