Why is corruption in Ghana?

I would begin by saying, “many will blame poverty, hardship or low wages (income).”

This is not the cause so I’d disagree, to that notion for the fact that, rich, high income earners or high positions be it in the government, public sector (co-operation) etc. are all corrupt.

My view, corruption is allowed and encouraged by the governance. How and why? It is simply because the Ghanaians have accepted and embraced the idea that bribery is okay (to give or to receive). Civil servants abandon their post or duties to pursuit their own interest. Authorities are always either in partnership or fully running own business which is not permitted by the law (constitution). The often times channel contracts to relatives, friends or close affiliates, abusing the system and there are vivid evidence of what I’ve observed in Ghana. Accepting gifts before or after a duty is performed, in Ghana, is widely spread across the board from the top (government) to the bottom (people). These and other factors are also my testimony.

Expertises and well trained professionals should be ashamed of taking advantage of their poor fellow citizens who are not capable of knowing that they’re been unfairly treated or cheated.

A civilised will rather used their knowledge and expertise to help the disadvantage ones. That’s what an expert has been trained and paid for (HELP). Do your duties efficiently without accepting gifts (bribe).

I mentioned earlier that the government allows and encourages, these malpractices. Corrupt practices are pursued for own self gain and in order to acquire the ‘buffalo’ share. Blind and fool the people with excuses and divert the blame elsewhere mainly; back to the people.

It is the duty of the government to eradicate such damaging habits in her people. Corruption brings the downfall of a nation, poverty, worsen the economy and the list goes on. If the government truthfully wants to curb or reduce corruption, there are so many ways she could implement. Here are few examples.

1. Encourage whistle blowers.
2. Protect anyone who reports such actions (bribery and other forms of corruption).
3. Educate the people the consequence of an effect it has on the nation and the people. Such education must be done from the grass root
4. Firm and discipline measures must be in place. Any form of corruption in the nation and her people must be dealt with accordingly. No mercy, because no one is above the law.

Are you happy about the corruption which is damaging YOU and your fellow citizens in Ghana? What are you doing to help to reduce this (NASTY, GREEDINESS and INHUMANE) coward behaviour, if not to eradicate completely from our society? HELP and contribute your quota now, in order for you and I to enjoy the GOLDEN Ghana.
Holy Moses

  • Abigail Boateng
    Posted at 01:24h, 02 March Reply

    Wow, what a truth and in-depth statement Holy Moses. Yes the government needs to ‘pull up his socks’ as the sayings. To add to your statement, Ghana’s CONSTITUTION is what needs to be amended and solved all the problems the motherland Ghana in for so long. Well done Ghana First and keep up the good work for our nation Ghana.

  • Hilda Ankrah
    Posted at 02:21h, 10 April Reply

    Good blog Ghana First, kindly allowed me too add my comments to your topic please. ”MO NGYAE NO MA NKA” is what I will term it Ghana’s national anthem, yes because we don’t discipline people when they offend or commit crime. Such is a disease in our nation and it’s killing us all. We must stop favouritism and ”STATUS” worshiping and call spade a spade nothing else, as such our motherland Ghana will get back on her feet again. Long live Ghana First and long live Mother Ghana .

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