What is the Purpose of Academic Education?

Why do I have to go to school? My son asked me one fine morning while I was getting him and his little sister and brother ready for school. Most parents including me want a better future for their children; so without thought my answer was ‘ to acquire knowledge for the future, get a good job, live a better life and help your family, community, country and the world at large’. If my recollections are not mistaken, this was exactly what my high school teacher also told us some years ago in one of our history classes. He then asked: Why do we have some educated people in the community who are poor?

Don’t get me wrong, my son loves school but I don’t know why he questioned it. Indeed we learn from the children too, especially when they come out with thought provoking questions.

A few days later after my son’s question about education, it struck me that he was absolutely right – if education truly serves a purpose, why all this hardship, mal-administration, corruption, poor sanitation, crime etc. in Ghana?

Does Ghana have academics – lawyers, doctors, professors, engineers and the list goes on?

If you, the reader, can say yes to the above then schooling seems to be a waste of time and resources. Please don’t give me the excuse that, it is the individual’s selfishness or greediness that has resulted in such acquired knowledge being underutilised.

Yes it boils down to the same point. To make things better after completion of school, at least a portion of what was learned could be used in a good way to serve the right purpose. Why is this not happening? Are we missing something in the education system? Okay my loving family (Ghanaian or the reader) please let’s find solutions to this unfortunate dilemma we have in our society. Solutions that can improve the lives of our beloved Ghanaian nation, the continent Africa and the whole wide world.

  • Abigail Boateng
    Posted at 01:45h, 02 March Reply

    Thanks for this article, I begin to question that too after I read it, yes, why academic education? My view, if we’re taught in our mother tongue that could be more appropriate and helpful than a foreign language used in our education system.
    As matter of fact Ghana First is an Organisation that needs to be taken serious as you’re here to save the motherland Ghana.

  • Abdullaih Rahim
    Posted at 00:10h, 26 March Reply

    Interesting topic and I can see where you come from and agreed to some sense. as there are too many poverty, crime rates, corruption etc. everywhere in Ghana or elsewhere. Yet we called ourselves civilized not to mentioned technology at hand and still facing all these hardships.

  • Hilda Ankrah
    Posted at 02:40h, 10 April Reply

    What’s one plus one? everyone will say two but my answer is ”ONE.” Thank you Ghana First, you’ve opened my eyes and drawn my attention to such topic. Who can educate you and where did academic education origin? I’ve started to question things more than before I read this your article and I say thanks Ghana First more grease on your elbow.

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