Rule of Law

Rule of LAW it’s the ultimate and critical dose for the disease that has affected the motherland Ghana. Without the respect of Ghana laws, then, NOT even God can save the nation. Yes you can bring all the intellectuals or even the whole universe head of states to govern Ghana and without the adherence to the law of the land, nothing can be achieved in terms of security, progress, development, economy etc. and that means she’s bounds to doom.

Very sad that Ghanaian’s have the mindset or and attitude of ‘mo ngyaa no ma no nka’ that have been ceased as an opportunity to RAPE the country. That when a person/s (especially the politicians or people in high office) commits a crime (embezzlement) etc. they’re often let off without been disciplined. These criminals are caught red-handed but always and always are pardoned by rulers (chiefs, high rank police officials, politicians and even the nation’s President). Interestingly, let alone a common person steals a mere fowl or plantain such person can be jailed five to ten years, how’s this justified you tell me. The SYSTEM it’s rotten that a handful of people thinks Ghana is their property and can do whatever they want without been apprehended by their actions.


They even goes on to insult the intelligence of the Ghanaian’s by their popular sayings ‘Ghanaian’s would only verbalized but won’t take any action after they have their ‘fufu’ and yes it’s true they’re right NO action of these criminals been brought to justice they’re often left off the hook. How can a nation survived with these lawlessness, lack of respect, greed unpatriotic and inhumane? The way forward is, each and everyone MUST obey the Ghana LAW for a better sanitation, health, economy, peace etc. Put Ghana First, One Ghana equals HEAVEN.

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