About Ghana First

“Akwaaba”, a Ghanaian word which means “welcome”, signifies our happiness for you to feel at home when you visit this site.

Ghana First Inc was formed by a group of concerned Ghanaians and friends based in Australia who feel that we can do our little bit towards finding solutions to the problems facing Ghana that is inhibiting its development and progress, especially in areas of Law and order, lack of respect for the Rule of Law, and of course what increasingly appears to be the trend of the…

Our values


We show regard and appreciation for people from all walks of life and honour human difference and diversity.


We are an ethical, trustworthy and responsible organisation. Those who come into contact with Ghana First Inc. will experience us as open, fair, reliable and patriotic.


We work jointly with ‘others’ as we believe that together we can tackle the things that prevent communities and society from being caring, inclusive and just.


We are hopeful that even the most complex social issues can be solved and we work towards the best possible results for the people of Ghana.


Our efforts result in us reaching our organisational purpose

Our beliefs

We encourage social justice, for the vulnerable and disadvantaged across Ghana

We create connected community patriotism that inspire a sense of belonging and enable people to flourish

We never give up in the pursuit of innovation and progress: we overcome barriers, detractors and opposition to drive positive social improvement.